Paranoia is the rot I feel underneath the skin

Doomscrolling caused by boredom fills evenings

Pattern recognition usually comes easy to me, it does today too.

In my bedroom my body becomes less a body and more a jewelry box


Paranoia is the rot I feel underneath.

Doomscrolling is less of an act of boredom and more a slow acting poison.

Pattern recognition is such a strong word for something everyone should be. seeing.

In February my body becomes less of a body and more of a future caracas.


Paranoia is the rot I feel.

Doomscrolling must be like planting brugmansia.

Does pattern recognition mean I’m seeing them as numbers or people?

In February my friends become less friends and more future carcasses.


Paranoia is the rot.

They weren’t just people, they were kids.

In February I saw the fallout.



In February,